celdrick and the stone book

Graveyard Scene

An exerpt from Chapter 10:

“So glad you could make it,” Scarliss said. “Be a good man and shut the gate for me.” Celdrick waved his hand and it slammed shut and locked behind them. “I’m not shutting it for you. I’m shutting it for me. I’m not giving you any way to escape.” He snapped his fingers and the other two gates closed and locked.

“I have no need to escape. This is precisely where I wanted you to be,” he said smugly. “You’re the ones who are trapped.” Celdrick started to respond when he heard something very faint in the distance. He heard it again and knew what it was.

Outside the cemetery walls, he started to hear the sounds of shambling and hissing that could only be one thing. It got louder and closer. It was coming from all around them. Then they began to step into view in the mist. Countless bodies moving in and surrounding the graveyard.