Lost Blog Posts

Hey there, Vinnie fans! I lost a bunch of posts when my website provider deleted them and lost my backups so it looks like I haven’t updated my site in forever. I have come out with lots of music since these old posts. Here’s the story in a nutshell.

In 2020, I came out with The Past Is Now, a collection of songs from my earlier CD’s and EP’s along with some rarities and radio performances. It’s on all the streaming services, digital only. It has a great range of diversity from over the years of my career, so check it out.

In 2021, I came out with Undeniable, a full length CD of acoustic tracks featuring “Change Your Stars”, “Breathe Again” and “Secrets” along with the epic title track. Physical CD’s are still available on Bandcamp.

In 2022, I came out with Aftermath, the bonus track from Undeniable that was only available on the CD, which finally made it available for streaming by popular demand.

In 2023, I released the full length CD Breaking All The Rules featuring 13 new tracks with full instrumentation on the majority of them. It featured “Haven”, Breathless”, “Skeletons” and the first single, “Dreaming Away” featuring legendary Detroit keyboardist extraordinaire Marq Andrew Speck from the highly acclaimed band, Sweet Crystal.

Check out the next post for what’s coming next…