Decades Of Godsmack Volume II – The Later Years Of Smack

Episode 56 is the second half of the illustrious career of Godsmack that takes up to today and their latest hits from When Legends Rise including the title track, Bulletproof and Under Your Scars as well as classics like Something Different, Cryin’ Like A Bitch, Love-Hate-Sex-Pain, Speak and their great Led Zeppelin cover, Good Times, Bad Times plus a great bonus track at the end that’s not on any of their albums.

For more on The Invasion With Motownvinnie, follow Vinnie on twitter @MotownVinnie and follow MotownVinnie on Instagram. Website: – HOSTED BY: Vince Smith aka MotownVinnie #bulletproof #whenlegendsrise #underyourscars #somethingdifferent #cryinlikeabitch #lovehatesexpain #speak #goodtimesbadtimes #godsmack #sully #motownvinnie #yourockforlistening

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