Brand New Tool – Fear Inoculum

In a very special impromptu episode, Vinnie drops the brand new title track from the long-awaited new Tool album, “Fear Inoculum”. Everyone’s been waiting for what seems like forever, but the wait is finally over as Tool premieres it’s first new track in 13 years! Be sure to tell us what you think at or on the socials! It’s over 10 minutes long and you get to hear every second of it. There is no talking over it whatsoever.

How did Vinnie get a hold of it so fast? The less you know, the better. Listen now and be sure to share it with other Tool fans!

 For more on The Invasion With Motownvinnie, follow Vinnie on twitter   @MotownVinnie and follow MotownVinnie on Instagram.


HOSTED BY: Vince Smith aka MotownVinnie

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384 Replies to “Brand New Tool – Fear Inoculum”

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