Masters of Bass In Yo Face – Mindbending Bass Solos – Billy Sheehan, Roger Glover, Cliff Burton, John Myung and Many More

This episode is all about that bass, including Loudwire’s 15 Best Metal Bass Solos Of All Time along with The Winery Dogs, Deep Purple and a lesson in how to play 40 different bass techniques in the same solo by Nathan Navarro. Vinnie also drops a 15 minute bass solo of his own at the end! (not really, but he TOTALLY could… maybe next time) #basssolo #metalbassists #rockbassists #vinvasion

For more on The Invasion With Motownvinnie, follow Vinnie on twitter @MotownVinnie and follow MotownVinnie on Instagram. Website: – HOSTED BY: Vince Smith aka MotownVinnie

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139 Replies to “Masters of Bass In Yo Face – Mindbending Bass Solos – Billy Sheehan, Roger Glover, Cliff Burton, John Myung and Many More”

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